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Bold Basement

Life changes come with other changes. Our clients asked us to remodel their basement into a master suite, as one of their parents was moving in with them and needed the main floor access without risk of stairs.

This is the beginning of tear out, done mostly by the homeowners. The area here was a bedroom with a small closet. As you can see, they have some bold colors.

The first thing that was needed was an egress window. The homeowner put in some sweat equity digging the egress hole himself.

Next was the old wall to the bedroom coming down and the new beam going in. The old wall was load bearing. Enter engineer. It's never worth skipping that step. Safety first.

Photo views: Looing from the new egress through the old wall. Looking from the opposite end towards the egress window.

Enter the plumber. The laundry room already had a toilet and sink, so it wasn't hard adding plumbing for the new bathroom to the other side of the wall.

Digging into the cement floor was it's own adventure. We had subs do that.

Meanwhile, another wall went up cutting the family room in half. The clients will be utilizing that space as their office.

Insulating and soundproofing was not in the original plan, but as work commenced, they realized how much sound was traveling between floors. It was a wise investment. Also, a pocket door was installed in the new bedroom wall.

Drywall, followed by mudding, taping and texture.

Painting is something Elisa enjoys, and Gerard helps with. These clients appreciate bold colors. There is a sight impairment that makes very bold colors both necessary and appealing. Yes, that dark color is Black. Scroll down for the final look!

The marble look surround actually looks amazing with the black walls. Quite a statement! The shower door is another addition you'll want to see.

But first, flooring. An industrial, rubber-type floor was selected, easy clean and cushioned for comfort. Again, bold on the color choice, but practical in many ways. Also, the black was added to the wall in this little cove. The support beam could not be hidden, so it was embraced with vigor! Accents can be fun. Black trim, switches and outlets were added.

It's exciting to see the finished product, especially when you're choosing off paint swatches and 4-inch sample sizes for everything. The homeowners were very trusting and went on vacation while Gerard and Elisa finished this project. It was move-in ready when they returned.

What bold ideas do you have? How can we help?


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